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Term Of Use - Vegas George

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Term Of Use

A/ Business type is a web page of sports news, reports and analysis of bet forecasts. The above mentioned web page activates in sports field and in particular in football, basketball, baseball, American football and hockey. Any existed or new services included in the web page are subject to the present terms and conditions of use. Visiting the site is considered as unconditional acceptance of terms and conditions of use by the visitors.

As long as the Visitor/User/Subscriber wishes to be registered in the web page he/she agrees to provide true and complete information regarding the information requested and to keep and diligently update his/her subscription details, so that they are true, exact, valid, updated and full.

The portal having its registered office in Cyprus, offers its users subscription services, upon acceptance of terms of use and completion of the data registration procedure. The subscribers remain exclusively liable for all actions that take place from the personal password, user name and user account in general.
The subscribers agree to inform immediately www.betlord.netfor any non authorized use of their account or/and possible security breach. Moreover, the subscribers are exclusively liable for the careful use of their account and their typical logout at the end of every use. is not liable for any damage emerging from failure of the subscribers to respect and follow the present clause. retains the right to amend and/or temporarily or permanently interrupt all or part of its services and subscriptions.
This will take place with or without prior notice to its users/subscribers. The website retains the right to forbid access to subscriber in case it ascertains that the subscriber distributes his/her password to thirds.

The web page has created software in Lawful Use in order to monitor the smooth progress of its Subscription Areas, in order for the double use of distributed passwords to be avoided. The user/subscriber/customer understands and accepts that retains the exclusive right to interrupt the use of password(s) to its services and/or interrupt the distribution of its content to users/subscribers, who are considered to have breached the present terms of use.


Besides the explicitly mentioned exceptions, the copyrights and content of the web site , including images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, provided services and all files of this web space in general, are ownership of the above mentioned web site and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international treaties and contracts.

During the subscription or after its termination, the use, reproduction, copy, publication, show, amendment or in any way exploitation of any part of the services’ content is forbidden, without the prior written authorization of . The total content and services of the web space of belongs exclusively to the administrator and is strictly distributed for personal use. The subscriber understands and accepts that he/she has no right of reproduce, copy, sell, re-sell or/and commercially exploit in any way, part or the whole content of the website .

C/Payment methods is cooperating with the trustworthy transaction carrier PAYSAFE for the processing of payments and may in no case keep your information as it is not directly involved in your transaction with the company that processes the transactions.

D/Exclusion of reliability-Obligations is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by any use of the web space and/or the services and/or the information provided in it and aims to provide services at least ……. days per month, provided that there is no military threat-terrorist attack-earthquakes and disasters in general.
These services are determined with at least …… access cards per day during this period of 15 days. The month is considered to have 30 days.

The Visitors-users-customers use the provided services under the relevant liability of information confirmation. Links to other websites are only for the facilitation of the visitors and in no case may be considered as adopted, proposed or approved. bears no liability for the content of these web sites and for the copyrights protection, as they are not in its control.
You are responsible for the study and acceptance of these sites’ user terms and conditions.

E/Underage protection strictly forbids the use of its services by persons under the age of 18 (underage) and highlights that the use of its services is SOLELY offered to adults. In case of use of the services of by underage, the liability belongs solely to their guardians, who have the obligation to protect children from the services of the present web site and other web sites.

F/IP address

The IP address (e.g. is defined by the Internet Provider of the connection through which the visitor’s/user’s PC has access to Internet and to : The IP address is kept for technical reasons, as well as matters that concern the security systems of (server, data base, net etc), while it is used for the concentration of statistic data.

The IP of user’s access to the web site of may be delivered to police or judicial authorities, if requested, in case the user publishes content that breaches the laws.

Z/ Forbidden is:

the reproduction, republication, distribution, forwarding, transfer, amendment, partial or whole or brief copy, revision, exploitation for any purpose, transmission, sale and performance of content of the present web site, in any manner, and without the prior authorization from its publisher(s) or partner(s), as well as the paraphrase and recreation of productive works based on the present content of the web site, as well as the existing photographic or advertising material of (according to L. 59/1976 and the rules of International Law which are in force in Cyprus). The listed data, information and any material existing in the website may be considered as untrustworthy, inaccurate and are provided solely for the information of every user. The written, photographic or advertising material of has solely informative purpose and character, as it may be amended from time to time.

The publishers, columnists, journalists and any partners who may participate in the creation of written material in favor of the website, bear no compensation liability in case of direct or indirect loss and/or future damage; on the contrary, they retain right to civil compensation or criminal prosecution (depending on the crime) against anyone who defames or slanders or misinforms or orally misquotes the content of
The use of information is strictly personal and exclusive and is provided solely for this purpose. The effects for anyone in any form (person or legal entity) who breaches the mandatory terms of the present website, are their prosecution before the Cypriot civil or criminal Courts; the exploitation without the authorization of the publisher(s) or the partner(s) draws civil and criminal penalties, exercised against the liable persons, with the compensation for material falsification and loss of earnings according to articles and codes of copyrights, not to be excluded. retains the right to unilaterally amend the terms of use of the present web site anytime without prior notice, simply by updating the legal information form.

Cookies: The website may use cookies for the recognition of the visitor/user during the choice of some services and pages of the web site, ONLY if the user activates the relevant choice during the entry of his/her information in the above websites.

H/Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the portal, as well as any amendment of them, are governed by the national law, the European law and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of the above mentioned terms is found to be contrary to the above legal framework or is unenforceable, lapses automatically and is removed from the present, with the rest terms in no case to be affected. The present forms the full agreement between the administrator of the portal and the visitor/user of its sites and services and bounds only them. No amendment of the present terms will be taken into account and form part of the present agreement, if not written and incorporated to it.

It is expressly agreed with the present that any disputes that may arise from the implementation of the present terms and the use of the portal in general by its visitor or user, if not amicably solved, will be governed by the Cypriot legislation and is subject to the jurisdiction of Cyprus Courts.

For any contact with the administrator of the portal please send an e-mail. Moreover, in case you notice any problem in the content of the portal regarding legal or ethical matters, particularly regarding its reproduction and use of copyrights, please inform us.

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